5 Tips to bring Your Summer Makeup Look into Fall

There’s no denying summer is pretty much over. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news... But don’t be sad! It just means it’s time to switch up your makeup, update your collection and get your fall looks sorted! Check out our top 5 tips for flawlessly transitioning your summer makeup into the next season.

1. Switch Up Your Lip Shades

In the summer, we tend to gravitate towards coral/pinkish toned lip shades. However, fall is the time to switch things up and bring out your darker and red/berry toned lipsticks. You’ll be amazed how just changing your lip color can make your look seem more appropriate for autumn. Try these GLAMBAR colors to mix up your lip wardrobe.


2. Do a foundation test

The summer sun naturally darkens your skin tone, so as the months get cooler, be sure to check your current favorite foundation still matches your skin tone. If you fake tan throughout the year this may not be a concern, but it’s still worth checking to avoid any dodgy foundation lines. I love using GlamBar luminous foundation all year round!


3. Try a softer Blush

Swap out your pretty pink blusher for a softer, warmer toned blush. Our blush in the shade of Coral Sun is one of our favorites for a seasonal transition. It’s perfect for that fluttery fall flush we all adore.


4. Try out the earthy tones

Earthy toned eyeshadows are a super easy way to transition your makeup for fall. Swap your brighter shades for more neutral tones such as browns. Even try a pop of orange bronze to keep on the Pumpkin Spice trend. Hint: we love copper shades on green eyes! Try our pallet with this amazing trio of colors - copper, lucky penny, and bare bisque


5. Don’t forget the highlighter

When I move into fall, I love to keep that glow going! I just simply switch from a golden undertone that I used in summer to a pink/cooler undertone for fall and winter. My favorite is Glambar’s stick highlighter luminizer or ice gold.


With these five tips, you’ll have no problem bringing your summer look into fall. Want to try some of these products for yourself and see what looks best on you this season? Come visit us at Glambar to try it out for yourself! :)