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3 Reasons to Visit Glambar

Glambar has it's own line of makeup!

My biggest passion in life is making women feel confident in who they are, and GlamBar is the perfect way to make that happen as a blow dry bar that offers makeup artistry. In order to do this, I created a custom makeup line called GLAMBAR. As a makeup artist for over ten years, I never dreamed of creating my own line. I love our furry friends, so it's cruelty-free and hasn’t been tested on animals. It’s been a lot of fun creating the final colors, finishes, and designs. My vision was to create something for ladies that can go to the office, through time with the kids, and a night out on the town. It’s like the Little Black Dress for makeup. This is why I created a palette system. It will have everything from multiple foundations, powders, blushes, eye shadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, and more. It will be available in the stores so you can create personalized palettes. You will be able to create the perfect look on the go, wherever you go.


We use the BEST hair products.

When hand-picking the final hair product lines, I chose Living Proof and Unite. Living Proof is a hair care system that focuses on the long-term health of your hair. It’s basically nutrition for your hair. Unite is a hairdresser’s gold mine. It has an amazing formula for people who color their hair and helps keep the color from straying. Both smell fabulous! When coming to us for weekly or biweekly blowouts, these products will actually make your hair healthier, which is an added bonus to pampering yourself. 


We have the Dream Team.

In addition to the products, our team at GlamBar is unique. We strive for consistency, superb service, and excellent communication. There will always be someone to warmly greet you on the phone and when you arrive at the salon. We will have look books, photographed by yours truly, so you can choose exactly what hair or makeup style you want. All of the stylists will have ongoing training and the knowledge to answer any questions you may have about your hair. Refreshments like coffee and champagne are available throughout your time with us. We want the whole experience from start to finish to blow you away.


You see, to me, GlamBar is about more than just hair and makeup. It’s about how we’ll make you feel with the service we give you. The local women in this area are expected to balance a lot. A lot of you are working mothers, on committees for nonprofits, or manage hectic households. It’s hard to balance it all, and I want to take some of it off of your plate. When you walk into GlamBar, I want you to feel a sense of community, relief, and trust. For you to know you’re in a place where you can unwind from your busy life and relax. When you walk out, I want you to feel more accomplished and confident in who you are. If we can give you this feeling on a weekly basis, imagine how unstoppable you will be.


Are you ready to try some makeup or hair products? Or do you maybe want to meet our Dream Team in person? Just schedule an appointment or walk-in during our business hours, where we will greet you with coffee or champagne. I promise you will leave feeling unstoppable ;)

Erin Martin: The Beauty & Brains Behind the Brand


Meet Erin Martin

Erin is the founder, owner, and CEO of

Glambar. She lives here locally in Coral

Springs with her husband, Phil, and two

children, Peyton and Caleb. Her family is

her pride and joy. In today’s blog, Erin

opens up about the journey of starting her

third business and how it all began.

In mid-December of last year, my husband Phil and I were talking about the next step we wanted to take in our careers. We originally thought we were going to scale our photography business. Eventually, I decided that was something I didn’t really want to do. My mom and I were brainstorming how my husband and I can continue down this path of making sure family comes first while our children are young. Our desire was to forge a future without having to go back to work for somebody else. My mom said, “Erin, I think you’re going to have to think outside the box for this one. Maybe you could franchise something.” Later that day, I was talking to Grace, who used to be my hair stylist at the photography studio and knew about my photography business. She said, “ You know what? I think you should open a blow dry bar in your area. It’s really needed there.” That was it. Once the idea was in my head, I knew that I wanted to do it. GlamBar became a legal entity by January 1st and the next chapter unfolded.


As an entrepreneur at heart, I have started three businesses so far. My career in the beauty industry began when I was 18 and started working as a makeup artist at MAC. For eleven years, I worked with them and other makeup lines to learn the ins and outs of the retail side. I opened my first business in LA called A Touch of Color when I was 22. I offered freelance hair and makeup services for weddings, productions, and photoshoots. Even after I moved to South Florida, I had kept it going for awhile.


When I had my first baby, Peyton, I wanted to step away from the makeup industry. I have a Bachelor’s in the Arts and decided to go back to my roots and pursue photography, which brought Erin Martin Photography to life when I was 29. This was perfect as a mom of two because I could set my own schedule, be there for my two little ones, and have a business I was passionate about. All photoshoots would include professional hair and makeup. Photography fuses my love of showing women how to embrace their confidence and the beauty industry where I first came from.


After owning a photography studio for 6 years, I wanted to take it to the next level. What better way to combine my experience in the beauty industry and glamour photography than opening a blow dry bar? So here I am, at 35, starting my third business. My passion is making women feel confident in who they are, and Glambar is the perfect way to make that happen by combining a blow dry bar and makeup artistry.


Are you ready to feel confident again, or maybe even for the first time? Schedule an appointment at Glambar or walk-in and see what we are all about! “Let us help you create a life you LOVE, not just a life you live.”

5 Tips to bring Your Summer Makeup Look into Fall

There’s no denying summer is pretty much over. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news... But don’t be sad! It just means it’s time to switch up your makeup, update your collection and get your fall looks sorted! Check out our top 5 tips for flawlessly transitioning your summer makeup into the next season.

1. Switch Up Your Lip Shades

In the summer, we tend to gravitate towards coral/pinkish toned lip shades. However, fall is the time to switch things up and bring out your darker and red/berry toned lipsticks. You’ll be amazed how just changing your lip color can make your look seem more appropriate for autumn. Try these GLAMBAR colors to mix up your lip wardrobe.


2. Do a foundation test

The summer sun naturally darkens your skin tone, so as the months get cooler, be sure to check your current favorite foundation still matches your skin tone. If you fake tan throughout the year this may not be a concern, but it’s still worth checking to avoid any dodgy foundation lines. I love using GlamBar luminous foundation all year round!


3. Try a softer Blush

Swap out your pretty pink blusher for a softer, warmer toned blush. Our blush in the shade of Coral Sun is one of our favorites for a seasonal transition. It’s perfect for that fluttery fall flush we all adore.


4. Try out the earthy tones

Earthy toned eyeshadows are a super easy way to transition your makeup for fall. Swap your brighter shades for more neutral tones such as browns. Even try a pop of orange bronze to keep on the Pumpkin Spice trend. Hint: we love copper shades on green eyes! Try our pallet with this amazing trio of colors - copper, lucky penny, and bare bisque


5. Don’t forget the highlighter

When I move into fall, I love to keep that glow going! I just simply switch from a golden undertone that I used in summer to a pink/cooler undertone for fall and winter. My favorite is Glambar’s stick highlighter luminizer or ice gold.


With these five tips, you’ll have no problem bringing your summer look into fall. Want to try some of these products for yourself and see what looks best on you this season? Come visit us at Glambar to try it out for yourself! :)

Ribbon Cutting


On July 18th, we celebrated Glambar’s, Coral Springs premier blow dry and makeup bar, Grand Opening. What better way to launch than with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Coral Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce? Many fellow Chamber members, friends, family, clients, and new friends joined us for the event. 

This was the perfect way for everyone to tour the newest and best blow-dry bar in the community. All the unsurpassed hair products, like our Living Proof shampoos and conditioners and Unite’s haircare systems, were full stocked at the work stations and available to take home. It’s not always easy to know what sort of makeup you want or need, so our incredible stylists were matching guests with their favorite shades of lipstick, foundation colors, and the like. 

Some of our guests loved it so much, they scheduled their first blowout and makeover that same day! They got to choose one of our signature looks for hair styles and makeup. We always love when moms and daughters come into the salon together, because it’s a fun way to get dolled up and spend time with one another. As a special treat for our first 50 clients, they were gifted these awesome goodie bags with some of our favorite Living Proof products to take home.

After we mingled, toured the space, and had some refreshments, IT WAS FINALLY TIME! Everyone moved outside for the ceremony. With everyone gathered around and huge scissors, Erin cut the red ribbon. One cannot easily describe the feeling that washed over the team in that moment as we were surrounded by others celebrating our new business with us. But I can tell you it’s a joy like nothing else in the world.

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for Glambar’s Grand Opening. Did you happen to miss it? Don’t worry! We are open 7 days a week and accept walk-ins. Or just schedule your appointment today ;)